About The SugarFall Patisserie

After moving to beautiful Scotland and exploring nearly every Glasgow's city corner we decided that the world of patisserie in Glasgow is very little discovered. And then the idea was born. After hard work having the right skills and experience we managed to open something unique and modern.

SugarFall Patisserie is a modern patisserie shop run by Aiste & Karolis. Everything we create is handmade with great passion & attention to taste, quality & aesthetics.
OUR MISSION - become a leading patisserie in Scotland

Pastry Chef

Aiste Berlinskaite


Karolis Juskenas


Aiste Berlinskaiteis a professional Pastry Chef who specializes in creating unique French pastries, gateaux, and other sweets. She has a pastry chef diploma and worked in bakeries, restaurants, and patisseries along with other pastry chefs. She learned everything from experience with other chefs, pastry school, online classes, books, and mostly from experimenting in a kitchen by herself.

She believes that creating desserts is an art.

Karolis Juskenas is a chocolatier

who found his passion for chocolates

on the first day of the SugarFall Patisserie opening.

He was inspired by one of the best chocolate masters who created amazing things with chocolates from candies to statues. For him melting chocolate is a joy and his passion. He makes every chocolate garnish by himself and strives for the best quality and most unique designs.