Where do you get all your pastries? Are they homemade?

All of the pastries we have are made in-house by our Pastry Chef. Everything we offer is handmade and available only in our shop.

What is Gâteau?

A Gâteau is a type of cake. In Fact, the word gâteau means cake in French.

Gâteau is usually more complex and takes more time and effort to make. It may have many rich layers made up of ganache, mousse, fruit filling, etc.

Which of your cakes/gâteaux is not too sweet?

Each of our cakes/gâteaux has a perfect balance of sweetness. Some of them might be a bit sweeter and some a bit less. We wouldn't dare to call any of them too sweet!

Do you have any vegan or gluten-free options?

We do have gluten-free cheesecake, brownies and granola at the moment.

Unfortunately we don't have any vegan options yet.

Are you dog-friendly place?

Yes! Dogs are always welcome into our Patisserie. We love them!

Can you decorate a cake/gâteau with fondant/buttercream?

No, we don't work with fondant at all. Although, some of the cakes might be decorated with buttercream on request.

What is your signature decorating style?

Our signature decorating style is modern, aesthetic & classic. We usually decorate desserts with fresh berries/fruits, chocolate, glazes, different kinds of cream, edible gold, etc. We might decorate a cake/gâteau with real flowers as well. 

What is a Pink Latte? What does it make pink?

The secret ingredient that makes a latte pink is just a little bit of beetroot powder which is a natural food coloring. The pink latte is also topped with edible rose petals. We can make it strawberry flavored too!

Which alternative milks do you have?

We usually have oat milk, soya milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and skimmed milk. We never charge for alternative milks!

How long can cakes/gâteaux stay on the table? What are their keeping conditions?

We keep cakes/gâteaux in our display for no longer than five days. So if you are not going to consume a cake the same day, you should ask the staff for how long the cake/gâteaux will last. Since we don't use any preservatives, most of our cakes/gâteaux are not shelf-stable and must be kept in the fridge. If there is no such option, don't keep the cake/gâteau at room temperature for longer than three hours. Keep the cake/gâteau away from direct sunlight as well.


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