Do you have gluten-free options?

Yes! More than a half of our whole range is absolutely free from gluten! Most of our gateaux are mousse-based which means it wasn't a challenge to make them gluten free without changing their flavour.

Where do you get all your pastries? Are they homemade?

All of the pastries we have are made in-house by our pastry chef's team and created by our head pasty chef Aiste Berlinskaite. Everything we offer is handmade and available only in our shop.

What is a Gâteau?

A Gâteau is a type of cake. In Fact, the word gâteau means cake in French.

Gâteau is usually more complex and takes more time and effort to make. It may have many rich layers made up of ganache, mousse, fruit compote, etc.

Which of your cakes/gâteaux is not too sweet?

Each of our cakes/gâteaux has a perfect balance of sweetness. Some of them might be a bit sweeter and some a bit less. We wouldn't dare to call any of them too sweet!

Are you a dog-friendly place?

Yes! Dogs are always welcome into our Patisserie. We love them!

What is your signature decorating style?

Our signature decorating style is modern, aesthetic & classic. We usually decorate desserts with fresh berries/fruits, chocolate, glazes, different kinds of cream, edible gold, etc. 

Which alternative milks can you offer to my coffee/tea?

We usually can offer oat milk, soya milk, almond milk and skimmed milk. We never charge extra for alternative milks!