Petit Gateaux

Petit Gateau - is a fancy cake for one! The word basically translates to a "small cake". These type of cakes usually take a few days to make and they're made in a few stages - baking a sponge/dacquoise, preparing an insert, making a mousse, assembling, glazing or spraying velvet and the final touch usually piped cream, a touch of gold leaf, fresh berries or a handmade chocolate decoration. There are tons of possible flavour combinations and they can be made in lots of different shapes, colours and textures. 

We offer a wide range of these little delicious works of art! First, we come up with an idea and then we try our best to turn this idea into reality! That's how these cakes are born in our small but very productive kitchen.

We also made sure that everyone could find something they could enjoy! We have something vegetarian, something vegan and quite a lot of cakes free from gluten!

Gateaux Patisserie

hese beautiful creations can be bought directly from our shop anytime we are open! You can also ask for a selection box! The price would depend on the cakes/tarts you'd choose for your box.

Although if you'd like to pre-order a selection box of cakes for collection or delivery you can easily do that just here on our website's E-Shop! Please note that we have a set pricing for pre-ordered selection boxes. You can always mention us your cake preferences but there is always a chance of getting a replacement in case your requested cake is not available on the day.

Selection box of 9 mini pastries

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