It's time to make your wedding even more special !

How can we make your wedding special?

We can offer a selection of few bite size desserts (petit-fours) or one portion size desserts (petit-gateaux), macarons or any other 

sweets from our range. We can create customised desserts from any flavours we use in our range, with decorations and colours to match your wedding!

How far in advance do I need to place an enquiry for my wedding desserts?

We would appreciate at least one month notice before the wedding. Of course, that depends on many other factors as the amount of desserts you require and etc. To be secure, best would be to contact us a few months before to tell us about your desires and expectations!

Do you do wedding cakes?

At the moment we can't offer wedding cakes.

What is the minimum order for customised desserts enquiry?

The minimum spent for customised desserts is £150. Smaller orders can be placed for desserts from our regular range.

How do I pay?

After confirming your order and agreeing on the final price we will require a full price payment one month before wedding. After a full payment the order can still be cancelled with getting back 50% of the payment NOT later than 2 weeks before wedding.

Can you deliver?

We can offer a free delivery to your wedding location up to 15 miles from our shop if your order is above £150.

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